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CBD Distillates: Using Full-Spectrum & Broad-Spectrum CBD

Posted by Kevin Anderson on 11/22/2019 to CBD Information
CBD Distillates: Using Full-Spectrum & Broad-Spectrum CBD

How to Use CBD Distillates

When people use cannabidiol (CBD) products, they usually want to get as much of the compound as possible. These products inevitably contain other cannabinoids and residual matter from the hemp plant. However, it is the CBD that gives them what they want. Manufacturers and brewers devote a great deal of effort into improving the purity of their creations.

One method stands out above the rest, but not for totally removing everything besides the compound. CBD distillates optimize the amount of the compound while retaining the benefits of everything else. Here is some information about CBD distillates, including how they are made and how you can use them.

What are CBD Distillates?

CBD distillates are products that contain as much as 80% cannabidiol, making them more refined than most other CBD products. The remainder consists of other cannabinoids, as well as oils and terpenes. They are not to be confused with CBD isolates, which consist of nearly 100% cannabidiol. The names can help you remember the difference: the latter isolates a single compound, while the former only distills the hemp extract.

The concept of the CBD distillate may sound familiar to you. In a previous blog post, we explored full-spectrum CBD tinctures. This type of product, tincture or otherwise, is an example of a CBD distillate. As we wrote there, the idea behind distillates is that CBD can do plenty on its own, but excluding everything else limits the product’s potential.

The other chemicals in the hemp extract may be effective against certain afflictions and ailments in ways that CBD is not. This is known as the entourage effect. The combination strengthens the product and enhances its healing abilities.

What About THC?

Out of the hundred-plus cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, the most famous — or most infamous — is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many people know it as the psychoactive chemical that gives marijuana its kick, and many strive to avoid it for this reason.

This can put CBD manufacturers and vendors in a tricky spot. Simply by being a chemical found in the hemp plant, THC can get into the plant’s byproducts. Moreover, due to their widely-encompassing nature, full-spectrum CBD distillates typically contain more THC than similar items.

With that said, people cannot get high off of CBD products. The laws of the United States force manufacturers to severely limit how much of that chemical gets into the product during the distillation process. They can only legally offer an item for sale if it contains 0.3% THC at maximum.

Anyone concerned with even this infinitesimal amount of the chemical has options as well. Broad-spectrum CBD products are distillates that contain every cannabinoid in the hemp plant with the exception of THC. This is especially good for anyone who does not want to risk failing a drug test.

What to do with CBD Distillates

CBD distillates have a wide range of applications and take a wide range of forms. The effects will vary depending on the chemical composition of the distillate. With that said, these products, by virtue of having more to their composition, can help with more problems than a mere isolate. Here are some of the many ways you could use CBD distillates.

1. Get Just Enough THC

As we wrote in detail, full-spectrum CBD products may contain as much as 0.3% THC. Having this fraction of a fraction of the chemical in one’s system is not nearly enough to give people mind-altering effects. Luckily, it may be just enough to give people some of its more benevolent effects.

That little bit of THC has the potential to aid with various conditions, including depression, sleep apnea, and even glaucoma. It also contributes to the entourage effect, enhancing the abilities of every other cannabinoid in the bunch. Distillates can provide all the benefits of this infamous cannabinoid without any of its notorious negatives — or any legal trouble.

2. Freeze Out Inflammation

Many people use products containing CBD because of its reputation as an effective anti-inflammatory. Getting an isolate would allow you to use a pure concentration of CBD on whichever part of your body is experiencing swelling and reddening. Plenty of folks feel that this is sufficient for their needs and stick with pure CBD.

On the other hand, CBD is not the only cannabinoid with anti-inflammatory properties. Distillates come not only with cannabidiol, but also with cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBC). If you apply a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum topical, you can have an Avengers-worthy team-up of painkilling chemicals attacking the inflammation at once.

3. Treat Even More Medical Issues

The main draw of CBD distillates really is the inclusion of cannabinoids other than CBD. As healing and potent as that compound may be, it cannot solve nearly as many problems on its own as it can with some help. To continue the superhero allusions, just think of how Superman, even with all his powers, sometimes needs help from the Justice League.

Just consider the cannabinoids we mentioned in the previous section and their other properties. CBDA can help the body break down food, while THCA can help with spasms. CBG also improves the digestive system by fighting harmful bacteria in the stomach. CBC is a truly versatile compound, capable of relieving pain, encouraging bone growth, and even halting the spread of malignant cells.

Those are only four of the many cannabinoids available in CBD distillates, in addition to the eponymous compound. All the others can do so much more, especially when working in unison within a single product. CBD distillates are certainly worth a try. Anyone interested in the healing powers of cannabidiol may want to discover the powers of everything else that can be found in the hemp plant.

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