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The Best CBD JUUL Pods Alternatives

Posted by Kevin Anderson on 10/29/2019 to CBD Information
The Best CBD JUUL Pods Alternatives

What are JUUL Pods?

Smoking is a habit that is losing both sheen and popularity due to the ill effects related to it. Technology and modernization have helped to come up with a much healthier alternative in the form of vaping through vaping pens.

While making the switch from smoking to vaping can be quite a daunting task, innovators and makers at Pax Labs were able to come up with JUUL CBD vape, a revolutionary step to help people deal with the ill effects of smoking.

The vaping pen and CBD pods have quickly become one of the most sought after vaping products in the market today. The popularity of these products is because they are simple, easy-to-use, and discreet.

Moreover, one can choose from assorted flavors.


What is a Vape Pod?

In the vaping community, A pod refers to the self-contained plastic cartridge that holds e-juice and a coil atomizer. Pods are self-contained as they also have important vaping components inhale the vapour. The pod connects to a slim electrical device like a battery to vape the e-juice inside. Pods can come either pre-filled or empty and refillable.

The Need to Find Alternatives

If the future of vaping pens and CBD JUUL Pods are so bright, why is there a need to find alternatives? Here are a few reasons to find alternatives for CBD JUUL Pods:

 - JUUL offers Pods that are not refillable but disposable.

-  CBD JUUL Pods are rather expensive

-  JUUL CBD pods are almost always sold out. This could be due to their popularity, or just a savvy marketing tactic to keep the costs high.

- The JUUL CBD pods come in very limited flavors. Although the company has expanded to double the number from 4 to 8, they are still less as compared to the competition.

- There is a lack of options to choose from, with limited nicotine strengths to choose from. This restricts the users to test out lower nicotine content pods when they opt for JUUL CBD pods.

- JUUL has very limited availability outside the US. This calls for alternate options for the global market.

- JUUL is undergoing a controversial situation regarding the integrity of their vape juice.


Benefits of JUUL Pods Alternatives:


o   Although JUULs popularity has been very instrumental in decreasing the number of traditional smokers, this has also opened up avenues for new brands to hop on the popularity of CBD pods and vaping instruments for a healthy competition.

o   JUUL is available in limited flavors. Advent of new brands and products have introduced never seen before flavors that are not sold by JUUL CBD pods but are compatible with it.

o   Now that there are alternatives available to the JUUL pods, one can choose from a wider variety of nicotine levels.


The best CBD JUUL pods alternatives are very compatible and these cartridges operate in similar fashion as any other liquid e-pod. Pre filled JUUL pods alternatives are better options to consider, since they negate the hassle of filling the pods and the user just needs to attach it to the JUUL battery.


Best JUUL Pods Alternatives in the Market

There are a variety of CBD JUUL pod alternatives in the market, all of them vary in factors like throat hit, pod pack flavor, leakage, design, and affordability. Just like JUUL pods alternatives, one can also opt for alternate devices for vaping. Shangri La offers a great starter kit that includes 4 different flavored pods and a vaping pen device as well as a battery and charger.

Here are some of the best JUUL Pods alternatives:

Eon Pods

Eon Pods are some of the most popular JUUL pods alternatives due to their nice fit and compatibility with the JUUL vaping devices. Eon Pods are especially great for people who prefer fruity and sweet flavors.  Blueberry, Orange Citrus, Pineapple Crush, Watermelon, Grape, Mango and Strawberry are the fruity flavors and there are some twist flavors to choose from as well. Each Eon pod contains a nicotine level of 6%

They are colored pods and are available in packs of 4 which can be chosen as per your liking. The cheeky packaging and abundance of flavors make Eon pods a popular choice for many looking for JUUL pods alternatives in bulk.

Eon Pods, however, have a reputation of not lasting too long as they drain quicker and also have leakage issues.

Ziip Pods

Ziip Pods are another popular alternative for JUUL pods. They are available in 6 flavors that are compatible and have three different nicotine concentrations on offer. While the flavors are on the milder side, the throat hit is also significantly less. Ziip Pods are lower on nicotine buzz but that could be good for some, while not so good for others. Strawberry Milk is one of the most loved flavors on offer by Ziip Pods. They are easily accessible and available with most retailers. 

The design of the pods themselves is a bit funky though, and fits well but looks a little weird. Overall, Ziip Pods are a decent alternative.


Viv Pods

Viv Pods come from the house of Vapor4Life, and are known for their Nic-Salts inside the pods that provide a heady hit. The flavors offered by Viv Pods are limited in number but are precise and well-executed. They contain a nicotine concentration of 5% and come in 1mL pod capacity. However, these have a tendency to drain faster.


VQ Pods

Manufactured and designed by Vaportronix, LLC the VQ Pods are available in around 12 flavors. The VQ Pods have a total capacity of 1.0ml of e-liquid. They come in just 5 percent salt nicotine concentration options. All of their flavors have a mix of 50% vegetable glycerin, and 50% propylene glycol.


Zalt Pods

Zalt pods are another popular alternative for JUUL pods in the market. Zalt Pods are available in 7 flavors. Their fruity range is limited to just 2 basic flavors. Zalt Pods offer a 1.1mL cartridge which is more than most brands out in the market. You can also buy them in packs of 4. The nicotine concentration in Zalt pods stands at 5 percent.

Shangri-La CBD

Saving the best for last... Choosing the best CBD JUUL pods alternative can be quite daunting, especially when there are so many products on offer. 

Shangri La CBD pods are a different take than the usual affair and offer a unique and interesting mix of over 10 flavors. They can be bought either as assorted packs of 4 or as single pod options.

Our variety of CBD concentrations, leak-proof packaging and an array of new flavors make Shangri La pods an enticing buy. All the pods are tried and tested and made of great quality CBD with strains available in sativa, indica, and hybrid.